Forfeited Land Sales

RULES OF SALE (download in PDF format)


The lands, lots, and parts of lots, in the county of Perry, forfeited to the state for the nonpayment of taxes, together with the taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest, and costs charged on them, agreeably to law, and the dates on which the lands, lots, and parts of lots will be offered for sale, are contained and described in the following list:

  1. Payments must be made by cash, certified check, or money order by 12:00 p.m. on the day of the sale. All payments are non-refundable.
  2. Additional charges for deed preparation ($45.00), transfer fee (.50 cents per parcel), and recording fees are payable upon final payment and are in addition to the bid price. (ORC 5723.12)
  3. Perry county real estate taxes for all properties sold will be fully remitted through the current tax year. The property will return to taxable status on January 1, 2015 payable in 2016. (ORC 5723.02)
  4. The sale of forfeited land under this section conveys the title to the tract or parcel of land divested of all liability for any taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest and costs due at the time of sale that remain after applying the amount for which it was sold. (ORC 5723.06)
  5. Any parcel that remains unsold for lack of bid or failure to pay bid price by the deadline will be re-offered for sale at 9:00 A.M. on the following business day with the bidding process beginning at 9: 00 A.M. Any property remaining unsold “the following business day” will be re-offered for sale in the next forfeiture sale. (ORC 5723.07)
  6. The County Auditor cannot give any warranty of title. All sales are subject to Federal Tax Liens, Assessments, Mechanics Liens & other liens of record if any. Buyers are encouraged to investigate these matters prior to the sale.
  7. The County Auditor does not give any representation of Possession, Eviction, Prior inspection, Scheduled demolition, Health code violation, or any other matter. Buyers are encouraged to investigate these matters prior to the sale.
  8. Forfeited land cannot be sold to any person that is delinquent on any property taxes in the State of Ohio. (ORC 5723.06)
  9. All purchasers, or their representatives, will be required to sign an Affidavit of Non-Ownership and present valid identification. If the county auditor discovers within three years after the date of the sale that a parcel was sold to that owner or a member of the specified class of parties connected to that owner for a price less than the amount so described, and if the parcel is still owned by that owner or a member of the specified class of parties connected to that owner, the auditor within thirty days after such discovery shall add the difference between that amount and the sale price to the amount of taxes that then stand charged against the parcel and is payable at the next succeeding date for payment of real property taxes. As used in this paragraph, "immediate family" means a spouse who resides in the same household and children. (ORC 5723.06)